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Explore Winthrop Harbor Hiking and Bike Trails
Robert McClory Bike Trail
The bicycling trails in Illinois Beach State Park are all easy wide trails. The trail surfaces include asphalt, crushed stone, grass, dirt, and some sandy areas. The trails are described in greater detail under the specific unit (North Unit or South Unit).
I've included a section of the Zion Bike Path system on this map because it runs so close to the park and can be used as a connector between sections of the park. The Zion Bike Path is a narrow asphalt trail that runs through mostly wooded areas. For the most part it is running between residential areas (people's back yards) and the railroad tracks, though due to the thick wooded areas it does not feel like an urban bike path. The south end of the trail can be accessed from Sheridan Road while the north end is accessed at 17th Street, though the trail can be accessed at any cross road.
There are no mountain bike trails at Illinois Beach park, but there some nice technical trails nearby at Beulah Park, a city park in Zion.
Lake County Bikeway Map

From guided nature hikes to individual treks, Illinois Beach provides excellent hiking opportunities. The southern part of the park features 5 miles of trails, including a 2.2-mile loop trail with a graveled surface. In the north, Camp Logan Trail is a 1.8-mile multi-use loop that cross-country skiers also can use. Cross-country skiing is not allowed in the nature preserve.
The Robert McClory Bike Trail may be known by many names, but it's soul has always remained the same-a straight, flat bike trail that traverses through Lake County, IL from Highland Park on the south to the Wisconsin/Illinois State line on the north and all the eastern Lake County municipalities in between. This trail was born again from the now defunct Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee electric railroad corridor-hence it is sometimes mistakenly called the North Shore bike path/trail. Some locals may also call in the Green Bay trail, which it connects to on the south.

This paved and screened trail is 26.5 miles in length and connects to three other major trails-Green Bay Trail on the south, Kenosha County Bike Trail on the north, and the East-West North Shore trail in Lake Bluff. The trail parallels the Metra regional railway which runs North-South through Lake County. With both the connecting trails and Metra access, just about any length ride is possible whether it's one-way or round trip.

The bike trail alternates between tree lined urban throughways, quaint downtowns, and neighborhoods on the south end to more rural alternating prairies and tree sheltered trails on the north end.

Tips: The Robert McClory Bike Path generally parallels the Metra route through Lake County, making one-way trips logistics easy as the Metra allows bikes on some trains. Parking at the Metra stations generally requires a fee. Check the Metra site for more info.

When biking anywhere, always wear a helmet.